Kim Harrison

"The Last of the Red Hot Mommas"
The Family Channel
NBC's ET Tonight Show

Kim has appeared with Norm McDonald & Jim Breuer ("Saturday Night Live"), Bobby Collins, Travis Tritt, and Bill Maher ("Politically Incorrect").

Kim is a transplanted Floridian that now lives in South Carolina where teeth are optional and tattoos are the law. Her quick witted sarcasm and angelic singing voice gave Kim all she needed to enter the standup comedy industry.

Since 1994, she has delivered fast paced, upbeat comedy to private parties, corporate events, casinos, and comedy clubs throughout the United States, Canada, and The Caribbean.

Her comedy show is so polished and clever that if funny were light, they would be passing out sunglasses at the door. Her 6 year old daughter, who thinks she is 36, her 34 year old husband, who acts like he is 5, and her own 39 years of life experiences give her an endless supply of outrageous comedy stories. Spice it all up with a beautiful singing voice, a few parodies and several lobster impressions and "Presto!" , you get the Kim Harrison experience along with a few aching "laughter muscles" from the side splitting comedy she delivers.

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